In the small town of Gurdon, located in the southwestern corner of Arkansas, on July 19, 1982, Bryan “Big ChuK” Rutherford was born.  Gurdon, known for the infamous Gurdon light and it’s beautiful woodlands, was a very quiet, little town with a population of a little over 2000 people.  Big ChuK was raised in a tight knit family with meager income. While the father’s sole source of finances came from the local timber mill, his mother was a stay at home mom. When ChuK’s father wasn’t working, his hobby was playing in a southern rock cover band. ChuK’s mother also had a talent for singing. ChuK would listen to his father’s band play tunes from groups such as  Lynard Skynard, 38 Special, and Credence Clearwater Revival. Upon hours of listening to his parent’s love of music, ChuK soon developed an ear for the same passion and began writing his own songs about his surroundings and community. ChuK had a penchant for a certain style of repetitive writing and soon starting writing rap lyrics. During the mid 90’s, a style of rap called “Dirty South” had made it’s way into ChuK’s community….and he loved it!! He decided to try his hand at rap and hip hop. Needless to say, ChuK was a natural.

ChuK began traveling to different cities and free styling at different open mic events. Rapping under the alias “Casper”, ChuK was on a mission to become a household name. While recording one day, he met a local producer named Eddie “E.R.” Robinson. Together, the two recorded ChuK’s first album titled “Game Face” and it was distributed through a recording company called Big Boss Entertainment. Gaining great exposure, ChuK began opening for acts such as Gucci Mane, Charlie Boy, Lil Keke, Trae The Truth, Juvenile, and Fox. As ChuK got older, life changes were made and he set his attentions on other sights that were even more important. Bryan Rutherford was now a family man. Putting down a mic and taking up another career was of importance now. Although he worked another job, the yearning for his music never strayed far. In his spare time, he would pick up his guitar along with his cousin, Trent Fronte, and hum a tune to his passion…his music.

  As fate would have it, ChuK and E.R. teamed up again and collaborated on a new project. This project would be labeled “Gravel Road”. Deciding to go a different route than the cookie cutter rap that the local teens were listening to, he thought about the every day, hard working southern man, and decided to dedicate this project to him. “Gravel Road” is a country/rock cd infused with the funk and soul of r&b. This cd is sure to full bodied, real life, and unpredictable.