Mini Thin is a country hip hop artist hailing from “Almost Heaven” West Virginia. Born & raised in Weirton, WV Mini a.k.a. Malice burst onto the music scene with major national M.C. battle wins with the likes of Roc-A-Fella Records, BET & Big Tigger, Def Jam and Sprite’s summer jam.

“That kid is sick!” – DMX


  Mini Thin put out his highly anticipated 1st album Hillbilly Hustle on March 1st 2013 and his initial shipment sold out completely in 3 days! His singles Coal Miners Lullaby, Country Roads and Buckwild & Free have Caught Fire on radio stations which is very unique and unheard of for an independent artist. in 2012 He racked up over 2,400 radio spins in just his home state alone and Country Roads was voted song of the year in West Virginia for rotations and requests over every major label artist in the country! He has garnished staggering amounts of song plays and downloads online and created a very large buzz. He is not shy when it comes to state pride and his main objective is not fame or fortune, it is to stamp West Virginia on the national hip hop map permanently!


With his unique style of lyricism mixed with country topics and a past that reads like a movie script, He has record labels baffled, His tongue in cheek wit, charisma, dress, sound, voice and topics are a first. Once asked where he belonged in the music industry he replied “I’m half Waylon Jennings and Half 2pac and if you were to have to niche me somewhere it would be between Colt Ford and Yelawolf!”



Mini has been the first rap related artist West Virginians have ever got behind and that following has bled into a coast to coast following of over 90,000 fans just online through his social networks. He’s been dubbed “the Voice of West Virginia” by his state. Constantly flipping the negative stereotypes the nation has for his people and throwing them right back in pop cultures face. He’s well known for winning Jay Z’s Roc A Fella records MC battle championship and exchanging words with 50 cent back stage before the finals. When the finals ensued he destroyed his opponent in 30 seconds and used the rest of his time to aim lyrical napalm at 50 cent much to the applause of over 20,000 people at Pittsburgh’s First Niagra pavilion. “Yall wanna see a gangster weap like a willow? with all the spaces between your teeth the tooth fairy should leave a “G” under your pillow!” After a non stop 5 minutes of applause, Mini was congratulated by Jay Z. Then asked to leave the grounds by 50 cent’s security team. Mini also battled Wiz Khalifa and beat him right outside Taylor Alderdice High School, The home of “Taylor Gang”


Mini Thin has served a 3 year jail sentence, battled alcoholism and severe anxiety. With his refusal to ever quit attitude, He’s now 10 years sober, A God fearing Christian and entertaining crowds at an energetic level rarely seen. His song writing ability is what separates him from most artists. He’s brought true Country music story telling into hip hop world. Coal Miners Lullaby is a perfect example of a deceased coal miner speaking from heaven to his family…..BUT that inner Battle rapper comes out with a vengeance on songs like Meth Labs & Moonshine and Holler Holler featuring Tennessee’s own Haystak. He’s well rounded in every aspect of his craft. Mini Thin is currently looking for a “home” as he calls it. A Label with integrity and loyalty. He has had offers and told an A&R from Sony thanks for calling, please find out why my Sony big screen TV blew up after a year and your warranty doesn’t cover it and hung up on him. This was after being offered an infamous 360 deal.


With Mini Thin you always get pure honesty and know where you stand! He believes the world needs more truth, less garbage and wants to take it back to the days when you could sleep with your doors open! If that’s not an all American Country boy then what is? When asked about his philosophy on music and fans he stated this: “Make a good song, have a fan for a month, touch someone emotionally with your music, you have a fan for life!”


Mini Thin has performed with and shared the stage with the likes of Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Freeway, Beanie Segal, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, D.J. Whoo Kid, Nas, DMX, Lil Kim, Jadakiss, Mobb Deep & Wiz Khalifa.

“Mini Thin’s “Respect Mine” freestyle is a personal favorite, with lines like: “I got a PHD Intellect smart to haunt ya / up down left right B A select start like contra” leave me wide open!” – Steve “Flash” Juon – rapreviews. com



  1. You’re Amazing… I listen to you daily. I put in my ear plugs and bebop around will every where I don’t care. Even turned several people on to your music. Stay you. It’s awesome to have an artist whom stand alone from HOLLYWOOD….ETC. AND KNOWING THAT YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN…makes you more amazing. Stay strong, keep the faith! God Bless!!


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