The greatest thing about ORIG has to be the incredible amount of genuine respect he is given by the music industry and music fans. Every time you hear someone bring his name up it becomes a great conversation about his work ethic, his great personality and how amazing he is to his fan base. I can validate that he is exactly that type of person.


I have had some great conversations with ORIG and it always seems that even in our interviews over the phone the great conversation takes a turn and transforms into a classroom for me. Every conversation has literally inspired me to push and learn all I can about the music industry on a broader level.

ORIG is a professional in music on a multidimensional level. ORIG spoke about the fire and passion for different sounds, techniques, and the music business as a whole. The connection with Jon Conner and David Ray can only be considered natural occurrences, because each of these men have that same unwavering fire and passion burning inside of them. They are similar and each has been feeding off each other’s musical expertise since the beginning. ORIG explains that they complement each other and it is never a decision, it is a musical instinct. Jon Conner will state this track needs the ORIG touch or that ORIG scratch, or a David Ray hook, or vice versa, they are just all in tuned with each other’s abilities musically.

Nothing is released without the coproducing touch of ORIG the DJ, (the Dammit Boy Entertainment team is basically an organically produced musical unit that would have never worked if it was forced into exists.) ORIG states they work at their pace, organize accordingly, and keep the musical production steady. The Dammit Boy team was built on these qualities of production since before Dammit Boy was even considered a possibility.


Working with a team that is striving to satisfy its listeners with the highest quality of production is something that seems to really be a crucial motivator for ORIG. The desire of the whole Dammit Boy Entertainment family is to create solid beats, verses that match perfectly, hooks that enhance each verse unequivocally and creation of each individual sound that precisely fits together is exactly what ORIG the DJ lives for .


ORIG the DJ is excited about the continuity of this label, from the production team to each artists signed to the label. The Dammit Boy community is poised to bring you great music for years to come and ORIG the DJ is a major part of the music machine.


ORIG helped coproduce the recent compilation titled, “All My Rowdy Friends Vol. 1” from the front end all the way to the backend. The compilation will officially be released on November 9th with Dammit Boy artists and friends. Be sure to go download or purchase you a hard copy of this great compilation.

Click the picture below to purchase the compilation CD from iTunes.


ORIG the DJ is one of the hardest workers in the music industry I know and also one the most humblest and sincere in the music game. He is one of the reasons that I have no doubt that Dammit Boy Entertainment will sky rocket straight to the top with all the elite labels. ORIG the DJ, Jon Connor, and David Ray all see one thing and that is the importance of musical quality, and each are aware of each other’s strengths.

ORIG the DJ is musically gifted on so many levels and continues to push himself to the limit to grow and learn. He has put a flawless scratch in his musical career, but that is just a scratch on the surface with his unquenchable desire to create great music.