F Racism, an apparel company based out of Wilmington, DE has become an official sponsor of Dammit Boy Entertainment for 2016. Dammit Boy Entertainment artists will become official spokesman of the F Racism brand, whose mission to begin the dialogue of dealing with and ending racism is paramount and resonates with Dammit Boy Entertainment’s core values. F RACISM CEO Aki Tymes says, “We recognize Dammit Boy Entertainment’s influence on the southern rap culture and believe they will help us spread our message and brand and are excited to have them on board. Our apparel represents the tangible critique of the establishment. The goal isn’t to make anyone feel guilty. Its about giving a voice to the people (all people) and taking a public stand against racism. There is a lot of work to be done. We believe in volunteering, mentoring, community service, activism, and donating to organizations that do good social justice work. Wearing our apparel wont change the world by itself, but its a great way to start the conversation. And, we know Dammit Boy Entertainment will help in that regard.”