Jon Conner is a veteran producer that is well-known across multiple genres. Conner is one of those in the music industry that is talented across the board. He is a skilled rapper, video producer, music producer, and honestly if it is in the music business he is fully capable of handling the task and producing the highest of quality.

The Delaware native will tell you the necessity factor was one of the crucial ingredients along with family, hard work, and loyal teammates along the way to get him to the point he is today.


Jon is an intelligent businessman that realizes that providing many quality services is the key component of value when marketing your abilities in any business. I was able to listen to the path and direction Jon Conner took along the way realizing it was almost like I was Napoleon Hill interviewing the one of the wealthiest in the businessman’s bible titled, “Think and Grow Rich”. The hard work, sacrifice, and partnerships along the way were always focusing on the value of the production. The hard work is useless if it doesn’t meet the purpose, and if it is not quality then you could be ensuring that opportunity may not come around again. Sacrifice if not geared toward a specific objective produces wasted time and experiences. Relationships that are not quality can be a single handed destroyer of a dream.


Jon had been signed with D Moet for 2 years on the EMF recording label. Jon produced 42 songs and 5 albums through Street Flavor Records and Select-O-Hits. He has worked on musical production with artists like Haystak, Alexander King, The Lacs, Colt Ford, J Rosevelt, Thomas Rhett, Frankie Ballard, Moonshine Bandits, Freeway, Jae Millz, Demun Jones, D Thrash, Young Gunner, Redneck Soljiers, Bubba Sparxxx, Jelly Roll, Brabo Gator, Paul Wall, Tech N9ne, Kutt Kalhoun, Big Smo, Charlie Bonnet III, and many more.

With his good friend and I4NI member David Ray, Jon and David have created Dammit Boy Entertainment. Dammit Boy Entertainment just released its first project with their artist Charlie Bonnet III titled “A Hotel In Valdosta” with songs like: Too Drunk To Drive Feat Stump/David Ray/Bubba Sparxxx, Borrowed Minutes, and Simple Shoes.

I was also able to meet and see Jon Conner in action on a recent video shoot that I participated in up in Maryland with my good friend Forsaken. Be on the lookout for that soon, we all lived up to my motto, “Get Muddy”. It was an awesome time and I have to say they got some potent shine out that way.

Jon Conner also mentioned projects in the works for a Tinn Man EP, David Ray EP, and a producer compilation which is star studded. The compilation CD will have artists like Bottleneck, I4NI, Tinn Man, J Roosevelt, Demun Jones, and more.

The new Dammit Boy Entertainment group will continue to bring you quality music entertainment that will leave you simply saying “Dammit Boy”!