Mic Manik lives by the ideals that everything should be approached with a sense of caution and respect, always taking the time to respect the depths that can be concealed by the muddy waters.



The Red River in Texas has been a retreat for Mic Manik and the mud blood in the red river brought many lessons in his life. It symbolized their country living, the geographical symbolism of the Red Mud Mafia and all the surrounding Texans in the area.

Mic Manik started growing musically in the local church choir and investing in any activity in school that involved music and creativity. The young man devoured influences in music, by feeding off different genres and artists. Listening to greats like the Steve Miller Band, Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre, Garth Brooks, and the Rolling Stones supply substance and music with meat. When it comes to Mic Manik the most important factor of music is the presence of substance. The Chronic album by Dr. Dre really sparked an interest in rapping and he remembers getting the Chronic instrumental and rapping to the beat. Mic remembers his friend allowing him to rap over the airwaves in Montana at the local radio station and getting positive feedback from the calls coming into the station. In 2001 Mic Manik and his friend Ashtray would begin to really focus on the recording process and emphasizing the importance of production quality.

Mic Manik is in negotiations with Dammit Boy Entertainment even though there was a time that he really didn’t want to be labeled down. He spoke of the decision to negotiate with Dammit Boy Entertainment and how he sees the same goals and drive within the Dammit Boy family that he holds himself musically. He also holds the firm belief that Dammit Boy is fortified with all the necessary tools to push through the obstacles to take the genre straight to the top of mainstream music. He stated that Jon Conner and David Ray restored his faith in the music business which is a tough business and ruthless business.


Mic Manik has recently released two amazing videos for the songs “Unkle Bud” and “Redneck”. The first release was Unkle Bud which was filmed by a videographer and a friend of mine JJ Harness. JJ Harness has become a real professional behind the camera and Mic Manik really praises the work and quality of the “Unkle Bud” video. Jon Conner produced the following video Redneck which is on the “All My Rowdy Friends Vol 1” compilation CD.

Mic Manik is slated to release his album “Muddy Waters” soon with the Dammit Boy label. The whole album is already complete and ready for processing. He is also hard at work with in his own entertainment endeavors with Manikland Entertainment where he is a part of a southern rock rap band called Manikland. The bands consist of: Manik – Vocals, Sawed Off – Bass, A.O. – Guitar, and Yams – Drums.

Mic Manik is prepared to push hard and be everywhere next year, so be sure to catch a show near you. He plans on bringing you that taste of the Texas Red River and make the waters muddy.