Tinn Man has been a part of the I4NI movement since the first photo shoot.

Working with David Ray, Jon Conner, ORIG the DJ, and Stump has been something that has become natural and comfortable for the street savvy rapper. The opportunity to be a part of the Dammit Boy Entertainment family was an opportunity that felt comfortable and safe for Tinn Man who has experienced the other side of music labels and the business.

Tinn Man is thankful for the creative freedom Dammit Boy Entertainment has allowed him to have in the creation process of his next full length album. He is glad that he is signed to a label that is a family, and this family doesn’t put pressure on any of their artist to reinvent the wheel. Dammit Boy allows the individual artist to continue to build upon what has made them successful and desirable to begin with.


Tinn Man’s upcoming album is titled “Till The Wheels Fall Off”. How fitting it is that Dammit Boy as a label did not pressure the reinvention of the wheel, instead they are going to allow this powerhouse lyricist who raps about streets in the south, to truly grind until the wheels fall off. Tinn Man is excited about the future and admits past experiences with the label side of the music industry left him a little jaded and on guard.


Just the confidence and the reassurance that Dammit Boy Entertainment wants him to do musically what is natural has elevated him to a point in his career that is bittersweet and mixed with a little nervousness that has not been there in a while. Tinn Man revealed that it is great to feel those feelings again and he explains that it will keep him sharp and on his toes. He is prepared to put whatever weight on his shoulders needed to help lift the Dammit Boy Entertainment family to the very top of the music industry.


Tinn Man is gearing up to bring you an album that is flawless in every way and he will do what it takes to keep bringing the southern street sound of Dammit Boy Entertainment solid and dope.


Tinn Man has a packed lineup on the next album with great artists like Jelly Roll, Bubba Sparxxx, David Ray, Danny Boone, and Lee Lee Stylz, you can be for certain that the wheels are not falling off anytime soon.